Mini Lift 200

The newly designed Mini Lift 200 patient stander has a higher weight capacity than the standard Mini Lift. Stand up lifting is generally less stressful for the resident and quicker and easier for the caregiver. The Mini-Lift standing lifters provide a quick, safe and easy way to perform the daily routines of dressing, toileting and transfers.

The Mini Lift is a stand-up lifter and transporter designed for users with reduced mobility and physical strength. The Mini-Lift allows a natural stand-up action, lifting from the residentís midline. The unique lifting arm of the Mini- Lift helps ensure the sling remains in a comfortable.

Position and reduces the sling from sliding up under the arms that can often result in a painful or uncomfortable lift. The anti-slip material sewn into the sling also helps ensure the sling stays in the same place it started. Patients using the Mini Lift must have a degree of bodily self-support. This is important in order to benefit from the advantages of the Mini-Lift which simultaneously exercises the userís leg muscles, balance and endurance and enables the user to use their remaining standing and rising functions. This heavy duty version is slightly wider and longer than the original Mini-Lift . It is ideal for homecare applications and is equally suited to multi-user institutional use. 
  • Model: KJALIFMINI200


Your Price: $4,300.00