Adjustable Easyfeed Pillow

For both breast and bottle-fed babies. An angled feeding pillow that helps baby breathe and swallow safely, and helps alleviate tension in mother’s arms, shoulder, neck and back allowing her to relax (a key factor in milk supply). The Easyfeed pillow is shaped a little bit like a cashew nut.


Length: The overall length is 60cm (24”) Width: At the baby’s head end the widest part is 40cm (15.5”) the width in the middle - Where your tummy would go is 31cm (12”) Thickness: (from your lap up to where the baby would lie). At the Baby’s head end it is 20-22cm (7.5”-8.5”) and at the baby’s feet end it is 20cm (7.75”) tapering to 10cm (4”) 
  • Model: EFP


Your Price: $86.90