Food Preparation System

The Food Preparation System board is a versatile kitchen aid that helps the user carry out a variety of cooking tasks with just one hand, e.g. chopping, slicing, grating, mixing and peeling. The board remains stable on the work surface by the non-slip suction pads on its base and features an easy to operate clamp for holding kitchen equipment or food steady. Adjustable pegs hold small and large items securely. A spike holds food items steadily for peeling or grating and can be removed when a flat surface is required. Instructions for use are provided. Constructed from durable board with stainless steel / polyurethane support legs and ABS plastic / natural rubber clamp stainless steel pins and locking lever.


Length: 315mm; Width: 295mm; Height: 35mm;

Weight: 1.3kg 
  • Model: ADLFOO45216


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