Patient Lifters

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KH406 300kg Maxi Lifter

300kg Maxi Lifter

Specifications: Capacity: 300kg Length: 1445mm Width: 770mm Leg gate: 590mm to 1090mm Height: 1460mm Weight: 80kg (with battery) Castor - front: ...


440EE STANDUP / Rose 440ee Stand-Up Lifter

440ee Stand-Up Lifter

Specifications: Safe Working Load: 200 KG Length of Base: 1150mm Min. external base width: 665mm Internal base width: Narrow 545mm Wide 1215mm Base...


DAYLIFT170E Daylift 170E Lifter

Daylift 170E Lifter

Features: Compact design of the product, incorporating wide leg width adjustment Detachable battery pack with LCD battery level indicator and...


KH405F Easy Lift

Easy Lift

Specifications: Capacity: 225kg Length: 1235mm Width: 670mm Leg gate: 510mm to 1000mm Height: 1315mm Weight: 47.5kg (with battery) Castor - front: ...


ELF127 Elf 127

Elf 127

Specifications: Safe Working Load: 127 KG Length of Base: 1073mm Min. external base width: 562mm Internal base width: Narrow 462mm Wide 1038mm Base...



General Purpose Sling

Specifications: Available in six sizes Provides easy fitting and good support for patients with some upper body control Colour: Navy ...


KH402 Homecare Lifter

Homecare Lifter

Specifications: Capacity: 150kg Length: 1150mm Width: 670mm Leg gate: 510mm to 900mm Height: 1100mm Weight: 47.5kg (with battery) Castor - front: ...


IPL150 IPL 150 Lifter

IPL 150 Lifter

Specifications: Safe Working Load: 150 KG Length of Base: 1081mm Min. external base width: 667mm Internal base width: Narrow 617mm Wide 1165mm Base...


IPL205 IPL 205 Lifter

IPL 205 Lifter

Specifications: Safe working load: 205kg Length of base: 109cm Min. external base width: 65cm Min. internal base width: Narrow 60cm Wide 110cm Base...


KH408 Maxi Lift

Maxi Lift

Specifications: Capacity: 350kg Length: 1425mm Width: 825mm Height: 1400mm Castor - front: 75mm Swivel Castor - rear: 125mm Total lock Lift...

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