Walking Frame Accessories

Model Product Image Item Name Price
AA8276 Apron Bag for Frames

Apron Bag for Frames

Waterproof bag which ties to unfolded frames, to provide carrying capacity for books, shopping, cleaning materials etc. Has front and two side...


GLIDE016-5 Glides - Black dot 19.0mm

Glides - Black dot 19.0mm



GLIDE016-1 Glides - Blue dot 28.6mm

Glides - Blue dot 28.6mm

Suits most imported aluminium frames


GLIDE016-4 Glides - Green dot 22.2mm

Glides - Green dot 22.2mm



GLIDE016-3 Glides - Red dot 25.0mm

Glides - Red dot 25.0mm

Suits most “Coopers” brand frames


GLIDE016-2 Glides - Yellow dot 25.4mm

Glides - Yellow dot 25.4mm

Suits most “K-Care” brand frames


AA8270Y Net Bag for Frames

Net Bag for Frames

Knotted nylon bag that clips to any walking frame for shopping or daytime requirements. Weight 60g.