Model Product Image Item Name Price
A7228 Bath Sponge

Bath Sponge

Long handle increases bathing independence for people who have limited range of motion or who are trying to reduce bending at the hip. Angle of...


AAA6500 Bath Sponge (Economy)

Bath Sponge (Economy)

Long handle for independent bathing. Comfortable, easy to grip. Length 570mm, weight 73g
$13.55  $5.00
Save: 63% off


AAA6512 Bath Sponge (Re-Shapeable)

Bath Sponge (Re-Shapeable)

Helps user to bathe independently. Ideal for people with limited motion. Easy to bend for individual needs. Weight 126g
$19.95  $9.95
Save: 50% off


PAT-AA2650 Bottom Wiper

Bottom Wiper

A moulded-plastic head with recessed serrations to grip the paper, mounted on a light alloy curved handle. The paper is easily removed after use....


AA2651 Buckingham Easywipe

Buckingham Easywipe

A totally new design in toileting aids which overcomes all the drawbacks and difficulties of existing personal hygiene devices. A unique yet simple...


AA1856 Flannel Strap

Flannel Strap

A cotton flannel strap with plastic handles, used to reach awkward places eg. back and legs. It has coarse foam on one side to use as a skin toner....


PAT-AA2652 Folding Bottom Wiper

Folding Bottom Wiper

(Item B in image) 27cm long bottom wiper with a metal handle that folds down to 12cm.


AAA6560 Foot Brush

Foot Brush

Nylon brush, Polypropylene base and vinyl suction cups. Clean the dirt in the nail slots Attach on the wall, on ceramic tiles or the bathtub.


AA1872 Hair Washing Tray for Bed

Hair Washing Tray for Bed

Shaped plastic tray with raised lip allows hair to be washed in bed without spilling water. Waste water runs to a suitable receptacle place on the...


AA1874 Inflatable Shampoo Basin

Inflatable Shampoo Basin

Inflatable sink helps provide the pleasure of a shampoo for people who are confined to bed. Carer avoids lifting and bending awkwardly over the...