Bed Accessories

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AA3652 Bed Cradle

Bed Cradle

Base of metal frame slips between mattress and base of bed so the top forms a support cradle to keep the bedclothes from resting on a person’s feet...


AA3660 Bed Rope Ladder

Bed Rope Ladder

This simple rope ladder attaches under the legs or castors at the end of a bed and allows the user to easily and simply pull themselves upright into...


AA3612 Economy Adjustable Back Rest

Economy Adjustable Back Rest

• Angle adjusts using simple ratchet system Strong fabric provides support and comfort. Measures 57cm high and 50cm wide. Base is 39cm deep.


AA3800 Mattress Elevator

Mattress Elevator

Allows those confined to bed for long periods to sit or lie comfortably with a high degree of independence. It is easily width adjustable for single...

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