Model Product Image Item Name Price
ADLDRE47691 Metal Shoe Horn

Metal Shoe Horn

Extremely durable. Long reach, white epoxy coated steel shoehorn. Features a hooked end for easy hanging. Length 660mm


AAADA5305 Pantyhose Aid

Pantyhose Aid

Slide foot through and pull the two straps to bring up over the foot while pantyhose over the shapes. The lightweight, flexible plastic trough can be...


ADLDRE47615 Plastic Shoe Horn

Plastic Shoe Horn

Strong, plastic moulded yellow shoehorn with long handle for easy reach. Features a hanging loop for easy storage. Length 405mm


AA4600Y Plastic Shoehorn

Plastic Shoehorn

An inexpensive plastic moulded shoehorn. A long handle gives excellent reach. Length 430mm


AA8620 Rigid Leg Lifter

Rigid Leg Lifter

Reinforced webbing around a rigid, yet adjustable, metal rod in the centre and foot portion. Foot loop opening can be pre-bent to accommodate the...


AAA2212 Shoe Horn

Shoe Horn

Light and durable plastic. Help to put on shoes for limited bending or reaching. Handle hole for convenient use. Length 460mm, weight 35g


AA4656 Sleeve-Type Stocking Aid

Sleeve-Type Stocking Aid

Nylon cover over flexible plastic reduces the friction of sock application. Can be used by onehanded people if the apply sock to aid while supporting...


AAA2213 Sock Aid

Sock Aid

Moulding tube form. Prevents frustration from sock rolling. Big handles for easy use. Length 22cm, weight 209g


AAADA5304 Sock Aid

Sock Aid

Lightweight and easy to use. The plastic trough can be bent as necessary to fit any size sock or stocking. Indentations hold the sock securely, after...


A75420 / A754200 Sock Aid - Cord Style

Sock Aid - Cord Style

Easy to use - just pull the sock over the form, insert the foot and pull the straps to bring the sock up over the foot. Cord style helps apply...