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AA5080 Spill-Not Jar & Bottle Holder

Spill-Not Jar & Bottle Holder

Leaves both hands free to open items. Three recessed circular areas are lined with slip-resistant material that holds jar or bottle, leaving both...


ADLFOO47303 Spreadboard


The Spreadboard can be used with just one hand to spread bread, crackers etc. The wipe-clean plastic board sits flat on a work top and is prevented...


AA5351Y Stainless Steel Cooking Basket

Stainless Steel Cooking Basket

Vegetables can be cooked and drained without ever lifting a pan full of boiling water. Large flame-retardant moulded nylon handle is easy to grip and...


AA5020 Strongboy Jar & Bottle Opener

Strongboy Jar & Bottle Opener

The flexible stainless steel band with inner rubber yoke is fitted around a lid and clamped tight using the screw at the end of the handle. The...


AA6200Y Tap Turners

Tap Turners

Moulded nylon turners hook over the top of capstan or cross head type taps. Sold as a pair red for hot and blue for cold. Dimensions: Length 14cm


ADLKIT1202 The Baby Boa

The Baby Boa

The Baby Boa minimises effort and grip strength required for everyday household tasks. The Baby Boa opens, tightens and holds a variety of objects...


AA5000Y Twister Jar Opener

Twister Jar Opener

A cone shaped rubber moulding with fluted finger grips on the outside, and ribbing on the outside to give a good grip for opening twistoff jar lids....


AA5720 Two-Handed Mug

Two-Handed Mug

This mug has two handles to assist control, and is supplied with two lids, one for anti-spill and one with a drinking spout. The mug is dishwasher...


AA5253 U-Board Spreading Board

U-Board Spreading Board

Has all features required to make sandwiches and toast. The L-shaped guard holds bread or toast for one-handed spreading, a tub holder prevents the...

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AA5010Y Undo-It Jar and Bottle Opener

Undo-It Jar and Bottle Opener

Coated metal opener with non-slip lining, screws underneath a shelf or cupboard. The jar is slid up the V until the lid wedges, then twisted to...