Modelasc Product Image Item Name Price
AA5000Y Twister Jar Opener

Twister Jar Opener

A cone shaped rubber moulding with fluted finger grips on the outside, and ribbing on the outside to give a good grip for opening twistoff jar lids....


AA5010Y Undo-It Jar and Bottle Opener

Undo-It Jar and Bottle Opener

Coated metal opener with non-slip lining, screws underneath a shelf or cupboard. The jar is slid up the V until the lid wedges, then twisted to...


AA5020 Strongboy Jar & Bottle Opener

Strongboy Jar & Bottle Opener

The flexible stainless steel band with inner rubber yoke is fitted around a lid and clamped tight using the screw at the end of the handle. The...


AA5080 Spill-Not Jar & Bottle Holder

Spill-Not Jar & Bottle Holder

Leaves both hands free to open items. Three recessed circular areas are lined with slip-resistant material that holds jar or bottle, leaving both...


AA5090 Belliclamp Jar & bottle Holder

Belliclamp Jar & bottle Holder

Holder hooks over the edge of a worktop and a jar or bottle is placed in the V. It is clamped by a wooden ram, which can be pushed with the stomach...


AA5140 Croydon Tin Opener & Stand

Croydon Tin Opener & Stand

This wall-mounted device supports the tin and holds it tightly against the opener, so the opener can be used one-handed. The tin is wound up to...


AA5200 Rex Peeler

Rex Peeler

Features catapult-shaped aluminium frame and a hardened swivelling blade. Horizontal blade allows peeling without cocking the wrist. The blade has a...


AA5208 Gordon Peeler with Clamp

Gordon Peeler with Clamp

Clamps to the table or work top and enables vegetables to be peeled onehanded. Features a swivelling hardened blade slotted into the top. It is...


AA5214 Clyde Grater & Scraper

Clyde Grater & Scraper

Allows one-handed food preparation. Spike set holds fruits and vegetables for peeling or cutting. Can be used for preparing carrots, cheese, etc....


AA5240Y Reflex Knife Range - Preparation Knife

Reflex Knife Range - Preparation Knife

Preparation Knife, scalloped edge on 13cm blade This range of knives has an easy-to-grip, lightweight closed handle with blades set at an angle that...