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AA5090 Belliclamp Jar & bottle Holder

Belliclamp Jar & bottle Holder

Holder hooks over the edge of a worktop and a jar or bottle is placed in the V. It is clamped by a wooden ram, which can be pushed with the stomach...


AAA2050 Bottle Opener

Bottle Opener

Light Nylon. Flat panel. Easy to use. Weight 49g. Suitable for lid sizes 2.2cm to 3cm.


AA5274 Bread Board

Bread Board

Hardwood board with non-slip feet and six stainless steel spikes to grip bread or vegetables. Ideal for cutting one-handed. It also has an Lshaped...


AAA2105 Can Lid Puller Opener

Can Lid Puller Opener

Polypropylene. Proper to open various zip-lid cans. Weight 24g.


AAA2070 Can Opener

Can Opener

Stainless Steel. Curved cervix construction. Proper to open zip-lid can. Weight 32g.


AA5214 Clyde Grater & Scraper

Clyde Grater & Scraper

Allows one-handed food preparation. Spike set holds fruits and vegetables for peeling or cutting. Can be used for preparing carrots, cheese, etc....


AA5140 Croydon Tin Opener & Stand

Croydon Tin Opener & Stand

This wall-mounted device supports the tin and holds it tightly against the opener, so the opener can be used one-handed. The tin is wound up to...


AA5276 Food Preparation System

Food Preparation System

This durable polystyrene cutting board is ideal for people who have difficulty gripping, or who have the use of only one hand. The ABS plastic clamp...


ADLFOO45216 Food Preparation System

Food Preparation System

The Food Preparation System board is a versatile kitchen aid that helps the user carry out a variety of cooking tasks with just one hand, e.g....

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ADLKIT43726 Giles Tap Turner - Model A6 x 4

Giles Tap Turner - Model A6 x 4

Six sided and four sided to suit crosshead taps. These durable tap turners are made from PVC with a comfortable easy grip wooden handle.

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